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Your Aging Body – Part 1: Exercise, CBD, And The Body

Your Aging Body – Part 1: Exercise

Your Aging Body – Part 1 : Exercise

A series on our aging bodies and things to help age gracefully

As humans we age with time. So what are some of the best ways to age gracefully? A healthy diet. Regular exercise. Less sugar. Weekly massages. What does the human body need to heal?

Your Aging Body-Part 1 -Exercise

If we don’t see the warning signs or try to avoid the vices of an unhealthy lifestyle, then the human body becomes diseased. It’s inevitable. When searching the internet, you’ll find hundreds of stories of the “amazing health benefits of CBD.” Most of them aren’t true.

The truth is, CBD can help you with many conditions, but if you don’t remove the root of the problem then it’s just your newest band-aid. If you have knee and joint pains because you’re slightly over weight or have an old injury, CBD will help minimize the pain, so you can become proactive and take action to loose weight by exercising. By removing the weight, or doing some form of corrective exercise to realign the joints, muscles and bones, your body starts to heal itself.

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Be careful. Adding new activities or exercise routines will create new inflammation in the body, and maintaining your CBD regiment will help to balance your bodies inflammation while you’re building a regular exercise routine. My personal favorite exercise is walking. It’s free and you just have to start with 15 minutes a day, preferably in nature.

Other activities that are good for the aging body is water aerobics, stationary bike, tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy, corrective exercise, and basic stretching. These are low impact exercises that increase circulation and oxygen through movement.

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