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Top 5 Pet Products Reviewed By Tortus Mtn

5 Hemp and CBD pet products we know your pet will like.

  1. Provida Health’s 600 mg Pet Drops- Your dog will feel the effects of this high quality formula. There is 20 mg of CBD per serving from full spectrum hemp extract. There is salmon oil and hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. Both of these carrier oils are rich with omega acids so they will be great for your dog’s coat, skin, and joints. With 600 mg of CBD per bottle this is a good formula for medium to larger dogs. Smaller dogs might want to try only a drop or two if they would like to be active. Provida Health also makes a Pet Drops 300 mg formula for smaller dogs and cats. Find the Provida 600 mg Pet Drops on Tortus Mtn Shop.

  2. Receptra Naturals Pet Tincture 16mg- Receptra Naturals Pet Tincture 16 mg has 16 mg of CBD per serving. The bottle contains 480 mg of CBD and is formulated for small pets with natural and organic ingredients. This formula contains a high fatty acid content to provide a number of health benefits for your fur family, like supporting muscle and joint health for cats, dogs, birds and other critter companions. If this isn’t strong enough, Receptra Naturals also makes a 25 mg per serving formula. Visit the Tortus Mtn shop to find Receptra Naturals Pet Tinctures on Tortus Mtn Shop.

  3.  Cured Raw Paw- Made with organic Colorado hemp, Cured’s Raw Paw is a lower dosage pet product with 250 mg of CBD in every bottle. This product is perfect for cats and smaller dogs. There is about 8.5 mg of CBD per serving in this formula. This tincture was designed to help ease tension while being groomed, during thunderstorms, fireworks, or a party. Save 10% off your order today with “Tm10” coupon code. Find the Cured Raw Paw Tincture on the Tortus Mtn Shop.

  4. Pure Kind Botanicals Pure Pawz 750 mg — This is one of the most potent pet formulas in our store of trusted brands. Pure Pawz is a great quality CBD combined with black seed oil and cod liver oil as carrier oils for added nutritional and wellness benefits. This is a good product for medium to larger dogs. If you’re buying this product for cats, you don’t need much. Cats are sensitive to CBD, start with 1 drop and see how it goes. Older cats and dogs will like this formula and it will calm your most anxious pet with ease. Find the Pure Kind Botanicals Pure Pawz 750 mg on the Tortus Mtn Shop.

  5. Restorative Botanicals 4Paws Pet Blend — Every dog in the neighborhood will envy your pup and the flavor of their CBD with cod liver oil and cold pressed hemp seed oil. This product is rich in Vitamins A and D. The 4Paws Pet Blend comes in a variety of sizes from 1/3 of an oz to an 8 oz value size. All sizes have 7 mg of cannabinoids per serving from full spectrum hemp extract. Read the full review of the Restorative Botanicals 4Paws Pet Blend on Tortus Mtn Shop.