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The Day YouTube Attacked Our Hemp Start-Up

The Day YouTube Attacked Our Hemp Start-up

It was a normal day in the life of our hemp start-up,, then YouTube shutdown our channel because apparently hemp products can cause death, harm, and other severe illnesses.

Youtube Attacked Our Hemp

Youtube Attacked Our Hemp ,,,

Youtube Attacked Our Hemp
This is the message was displayed on the Ex-YouTube page.

The first 100 days trying to create the first consumer-based hemp video and written review website in the world is going to be interesting…

I’m part of a three person team and it seems to be growing. Our goal is to create the first consumer-based hemp video and written review site in the world. I was filming a feature documentary on the Colorado Hemp Industry following the hemp from the field to the final products, and I realized there was a need for consumer education about what hemp products actually do for the human body.

The basic component of a hemp product is the hemp extract. The hemp extract can vary, depending on how it was extracted and what carrier oil it’s mixed with so the body can process it. For example, a CO2 extracted oil takes longer for the body to absorb and the anti-inflammation effects unfold over 24–48 hours. On the other hand, if the extract is created using an ethanol (food grade) extraction then more terpenes and cannabinoids can be preserved. This extract is more fast acting and has deeper anxiety relieving effects along with increased circulation.

The carrier oil also affects the the absorption of the hemp extract. Hemp seed oil creates more of a time release effect and has a shorter shelf life than an MCT oil. The MCT oil helps the extract cross the blood brain quicker, and if the extract is terpene rich then that helps the hempy goodness cross the blood brain barrier even faster.

All these facts are in studies on the internet. Any consumer can find this information and use it to make a decision. The goal of is to bring the information together and present it through product reviews. Pure education. If the product doesn’t work, we don’t review it.

We believe the reason why our YouTube channel got shut down is because this information wants to be hidden from the public by larger companies with interests in creating a hemp-based drug. The companies that make hemp products are prohibited to use factual information because of GW Pharmaceuticals Phase 3 trials with American partner, Greenwich Bioscienes for their CBD based product, Epidiolex. GW Pharmaceutical released a press statement about the research on April 12, 2018. The trials allow them to censor the benefits of hemp products because you can’t make medical claims unless you’ve paid for the studies.

We created the website because as consumers we can use any studies we like to make conclusions about the benefits of what we put in our bodies. I think that’s why Yelp was created. We just decided to add videos because one of the founders is a documentary filmmaker and it’s a great way to educate people.

At first YouTube just pulled the products that were the closest in formulation to Epidiolex. We filed a report explaining is purely an educational website explaining our personal experience on the products. The videos were restored. The following week our YouTube Channel completely disappeared.

Luckily due to a good team, we quickly pivoted and uploaded the videos to 3 Vimeo channels (TortusMtn is Educational, An Educational Website for Hemp, An Educational HempSite) and a DailyMotion Channel. is currently up and we’re adding more video review and written reviews.