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Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG Tincture

  • 5 mg of CBG and 5 mg of CBD per serving.  1 servings is 1 dropperful.

  • Ingredients: organic cold-pressed hempseed oil, CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp extract

  • Effects: deflects stress, helps. anxiety, inflammation, and sleep-aid

  • Extract type: CO2 extract

Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG Tincture Review

The Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG tincture is a fun, new, interesting, and I think it’s safe to say super surreal product.  This product has 5 mg of CBG and 5 mg of CBD per dropperful.  One dropper is 1 mL.   There are 30 servings per bottle.  The 1:1 combination of CBD to CBG is what makes this tincture extremely interesting and effective for consumers. describes CBG, cannabigerol, a precursor to other cannabinoids. This is because CBG-A, the acidic form of CBG, breaks down to form cannabinoids like CBG, CBD, THC, and CBC. The early research into CBG has shown positive effects with bone health, brain health, anxiety, stress, appetite stimulation, inflammation, muscle health, antibacterial, and sleep aid.

Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG is made with a CBG rich full spectrum hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil.  As a supplement, it’s specifically formulated to support weary muscles and joints, and promote a healthy immune system.

One reviewer was moving office spaces and under a lot of stress from moving.  He immediately noticed that 1 dropperful helped deflect the stress.  He said, “It was like the stress came in and it bounced off me because I didn’t react to it.  1 dropperful just made everything even and balanced.”

Another reviewer took 2 dropperfuls before bedtime and had a good night’s rest and said, ”My mind and headspace were a lot more clear and calm in the morning.  It almost felt like I hit the reset button on my stress levels.  I don’t think I’d take 2 dropperfuls during the daytime, it might make me to calm and passive at work.”

Another reviewer, who does a lot of computer work, noticed the CBG and CBD combinations seems to release tension in the eyes and the brain from staring at a screen for long periods of time.  He liked this.  And then he tried mixing another full spectrum tincture along with the Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG tincture to try and amplify the effects.  It worked and he said, “I like this product because it works all by itself, but I can also mix the Restore CBG with other hemp extract products to amplify their effects.  I’m adding this one to my normal supplement routine because my eyes need rest after a long week of computer work.”

The reviewers found these basic doses to be effective.  ½ dropper is a good daily maintenance dose to keep CBG and CBD in the body on a regular basis. ½ a dropper is 0.5 mL. If you use it this way, you can stretch one bottle of the Restorative Botanicals Restore CBG over 2 months.   

1 full dropper is 1 mL and takes the edge off and helps stress bounce off you.  2 droppers is 2 mL and makes you tired, your body relaxes, you start to yawn and you can disconnect from the busyness of your week.

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