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Receptra Naturals Pro Hemp Extract Tincture (Renamed: Serious Relief + Turmeric)

  • 1 full dropper is 66 mg of CBD

  • Ingredients: organic hempseed oil, organic mct oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil, Receptra hemp extract, turmeric, organic mint and berry flavors

  • Effects: uplifting, energizing, good for active lifestyle and recover, increases circulation

  • Extract type: cold ethanol, full spectrum hemp extract

Receptra Naturals Pro Hemp Extract Tincture Review

Receptra Naturals Pro Hemp Extract Tincture (Renamed: Serious Relief + Turmeric)​I found Receptra’s Pro formula to be very beneficial.  In the hemp industry sometimes packaging can be misleading and strange due to the constant shifting regulations and need to fit a product into different “sales” spaces.  Knowing this, the goal of the consumer is to find the most effective products, not just a product with nice packaging and logos.  Sometimes, a great product has great packaging, and sometimes there are “diamonds in the rough.”  This company has evolved their packaging and now this formula is known as Serious Relief + Turmeric with 66 mg of CBD.  The product is the same high quality goodness, just new packaging.  I liked the old packaging better, but who cares as long as the high quality formula stays the same.

The Receptra Pro Formula (Serious Relief + Turmeric) is made for the active body and repairing it for optimal performance, ignore the simple and direct packaging.  The formula is more complex than it let’s on, which makes the Pro Formula a “true hidden gem.”  Their active line of tinctures really helped all the reviewers and impressed us with the humble labeling and deep effects on our bodies and minds. This formula is potent, so be aware this one is for the “big kids.” The color of the tincture is dark because it’s the highest milligram formula Receptra makes.  It comes in two sizes, a 1 ounce bottle with 2,000 mg and a 2 ounce bottle with 4,000 mg.

The sample bottle we reviewed was a half ounce of various nutritional oils (grapeseed, mct, sunflower, and avocado oil) packed with 1000+mg of active phyto-cannabinoids. The berry flavor is strong and earthy. It tasted cherry-like with a minty aftertaste.

The extra oils in this formula are good for folks looking for healthy fats in their diets. There is hemp seed oil, MCT Oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil.  These extra oils allow the body to choose multiple ways to absorb the hemp extract.  The MCT Oil creates a faster absorption, while the same time a time-release effect is created by using the hemp seed oil.  As an added bonus the avocado, sunflower, and  grapeseed oils are known for helping nutrients absorb, having beneficial omega acids, decreasing inflammation, and having extra anti-oxidants.

Receptra delivers a powerful healing punch with the Pro Formula hemp tincture. I took a full dropper, about 60 mg, which made me feel very upbeat and talkative. This is a full spectrum extract that preserves the active terpenes better than most formulas.  The effects lasted for 5-6 hours.

I took this tincture in the morning.  It is was a good way to get my body moving and start the day off right.  Receptra adds turmeric extract to their formulas.  The turmeric extract mixed with the hemp extract is a great combination for inflammation, increased metabolism, and brain health.  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, helps body detoxify, increases brain function, and helps against depression.  This product can be helpful for depression, anxiety, and as an all around mood enhancer.

My roommate is an early 30’s athletic male who works carpentry by day and plays music in Denver at night. He tried a dropper full before playing a local gig and felt the formula was uplifting with the added bonus of relieving stress. He also enjoyed the berry flavor. He said, “Working a long day and playing a gig at night was a lot easier with that tincture.”  The next time I saw the sample bottle it was empty.  This was the final evidence that the Pro Formula was effective for people working and moving through a 12-16 hour day.

Due to the strength of this formula it’s good for muscle recovery and healing after workouts, deep body pain, muscle/tendon/joint relaxation, deeper anxiety issues, and depression.  You can tell it’s a stronger formula with deeper healing benefits because 1 dropper is 50 mg+ of full spectrum hemp extract with terpenes.  If you need a strong formula with healing benefits you feel in your body and mind, the Receptra Pro Formula is one of the few option in the Hemp Universe. The higher milligram formulas are harder to create and the price is so high that these products are for serious hemp extract/oil consumers trying to do some serious healing.