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Receptra 250 mg Active Tincture (Serious Relief + Turmeric, 33 mg)

  • 1 full dropper is 33 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract

  • Ingredients: organic hempseed oil, organic mct oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil, Receptra hemp extract, turmeric, organic mint and berry flavors

  • Effects: energizing, inspiring, calmed the mind for action, anti-inflammation, soreness and tightness, post-workout recovery

  • Extract type: cold ethanol, full spectrum hemp extract

Receptra 250 mg Active Tincture (Serious Relief + Turmeric, 33 mg) Review

Receptra 250 mg Active TinctureThe Receptra 250 mg Active Tincture has evolved it’s packaging, but has maintained the same effective formula and effects.  This product is now known as Serious Relief + Turmeric, 33 mg.  We really love this company because they maintain high standards and their formulas are smart.  Thank you for being you, Receptra. 

Some of the original cough syrup flavors from the 1900’s had a cherry flavor because it was made from hemp.  As hemp was replaced with cough syrups create by pharmaceutical companies, the hemp disappeared as the active ingredient, but the cherry-berry flavor stuck around in the modern cough syrup.

The Receptra 250 mg Active (Serious Relief + Turmeric 33 mg) tinctures has a cherry/berry flavor, almost like a cough syrup, but then the flavor mellows out, and there is a nice berry and minty aftertaste that slowly disappears.

This flavor is good to add to a protein shake or berry smoothie.

The ingredients in this product are a good combination for nutrition and recovery from an active lifestyle.  I really like the extra avocado oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and turmeric extract. I take a turmeric supplement from Gaia Herbs and I appreciate any product that has extra turmeric in it.  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, helps body detoxify, increases brain function, and helps against depression.

After 15 minutes, I felt a solid energy that filled me up with focus.  The focus has calm clarity that made me want to move around and be active.  This formula is stimulating and good for activities like hiking, walking, biking, sports, and any type of physical or internal body training. (tai chi, yoga, martial arts)

I felt talkative about 45 minutes into taking this formula, but it wasn’t over talkative as the formula made me want to listen first and respond thoughtfully.  This was a very grounding effect. I really liked this about the Receptor 250 mg Active formula, better known today as the Serious Relief + Turmeric 33 mg tincture.

The effects lasted for 4-6 hours.  In the morning, I noticed that my joints and muscles felt more relaxed than usual.  The other strange feeling, I noticed, my brain felt like someone cooled it down a couple degrees.  I liked this as it distressed me for the next couple days.

All the reviewers passed the Receptra formulas around and we agreed that this is a special formula made for people who push themselves to the limits and need a recovery tool to keep the body and mind balanced.  If this sounds like you, then much like the old “Highlander” tv series, “There can be only one.” Anything from Receptra is “the one.”