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PureKind Botanicals 250 mg Wellness Nectar Tincture

  • 1 full dropper is 8.3 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract

  • Ingredients: mct oil (fractionated), full spectrum hemp extract

  • Effects: relaxing, motivating, calming, anti-inflammation, relaxes the eyes and brain

  • Extract type: food grade ethanol extraction

PureKind Botanicals 250 mg Wellness Nectar Tincture Review

The Pure Kind Botanicals 250 mg Wellness Nectar is a good choice for entry level hemp tincture users. You can get a general idea of what the flavor is going to be and you can double the dosage level if you need more, until you find your “preferred milligram level.”

The flavor of PureKind Botanicals 250 mg Wellness Nectar is earthy, floral, with hues of cherry. The feelings that this tincture invoke are much more subtle than the 1500 mg.

There is a relaxation and motivational feeling associated with this tincture. I personally prefer a higher dosage level, but still enjoyed the calming and relaxing effects.

1 dropper of the 250 mg is 8.3 mg of full spectrum hemp extract with a wide spectrum of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes.  The PureKind Botanicals formulas are known for having more CBG’s than other brands.

This formula uses MCT oil as a carrier oil to deliver the full spectrum hemp extract into the body.  This makes the effects fast-acting and helps the healing penetrate deep into the body. MCT has a longer shelf life than other carrier oils.

The wonderful thing about PureKind Botanicals Wellness Nectars is they’re made with good ingredients and technology. This combination ensures consumers of a high quality product with high quality effects.