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Pure Hemp Botanicals 25 mg Gel Capsules 750 mg Review

  • 1 gel capsule is 25 mg of CBD from isolate

  • Ingredients: refined coconut oil, corn starch, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, carrageenan, purified water, CBD isolate.  Vegan and non-gmo.

  • Effects: extra energy and focus, increases circulation

  • Extract type: CBD isolate

Pure Hemp Botanicals 25 mg Gel Capsules 750 mg Review

Pure Hemp Botanicals 25 mg Gel Capsules 750 mg Review

I appreciate that Pure Hemp Botanicals has gone with a vegan softgel. This is important because, currently there are few vegan hemp gel capsules on the market.

Pure Hemp Botanicals 25 mg soft gels are made from CBD isolate.  The company offers a full spectrum line as well, which is a great way to combine the effects of full spectrum and isolate based products.  You can combine the effects of isolate and full spectrum products by taking them at the same time. One example is to take 10 mg of a full spectrum and then take 10 mg of an isolate based product.  This combines the effects of both formulas. Isolate formulas have the unique effect of boosting the effects of full spectrum hemp extract products. This can be effective for treating deeper stress, anxiety, and inflammation.  

Sometimes if you just take an isolate based product your body will start to build a tolerance and so you will have to increase the mg dosage level every month.  You can curb this by mixing full spectrum and isolate products together in your single dose.

Isolate products have a calm focus with energy.  The Pure Hemp Botanicals 25 mg soft gel has a clear-headed, which is great for professionals who work in an office setting.

Also, this soft gel is a great addition to a full spectrum regiment. If you are busy and don’t have time to enjoy the euphoria or extreme relaxation the can come with full spectrum products.  An added bonus is that this product is sold in all 50 states.

From my experience Pure Hemp Botanicals’ soft gels make me feel very grounded. Almost like I had grown a tap root that was drawing from calm energy reserves.

If you are training hard doing a tough leg day or an intense back workout you will want to use this product before and after the workout. I could also see where it would be useful for long distance runners and triathletes. This product helps restore muscle damages and inflammation well.  I used it through a couple workouts that normally make me sore, but the next day I was fine and my recovery time shortened. Very interesting and surprising effect.

My roommate took 2 every morning during a very busy week where he was only sleeping about 4 hrs per night. He said, “It reduced my soreness, increased focus and energy, which helped to stay balanced through the busyness.”

My neighbor is a hard working man in his early 60’s who suffers from arthritis in his shoulders, elbows, and hands. He found a lot of relief in taking 25mg Pure Hemp Gel Cap, daily, before bed. He said,”It helps with pain and swelling.  It felt like my whole body had all the joints greased up. They almost felt new again.” He definitely knew is was from Pure Hemp Botanicals formula.

More importantly, he did not feel much relief in taking 10-15 mg of a full spectrum tincture daily. There is a threshold for people with acute symptoms and taking more than 25 mg daily can be very beneficial.  With extreme pain conditions, 30 mg is a good starting dose, but more relief can be felt in 50 mg-125 mg single doses.