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Provida Daily Drops 1000 mg Tincture Review

Provida Daily Drops 1000 mg Tincture Review

  • 1 full dropper is 33.2 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract. 1/2 dropper is 16.6 mg of CBD

  • Ingredients: full spectrum hemp extract, mct fractionated coconut oil, stevia, vanilla extract

  • Effects: fast acting, relaxing and focusing, more energizing than other formulas, the vanilla flavor is a good choice

  • Extract type: CO2 extracted, full spectrum 

Provida Daily Drops 1000 mg Tincture Review

The ingredients are organic, Non-GMO, and grown without pesticides.  This is impressive and the quality of ingredients comes through in the effects.  Typically, CO2 extracted hemp oil takes a longer time to absorb (24-48 hrs). What is really nice and surprising about the Provida 1000mg tincture, I was able to feel the anti-anxiety effects (calmness) immediately and then 24 hours later I felt the anti-inflammation effects. (My body didn’t feel so puffy and bloated.)  I think this is due to the body’s ability to quickly absorb the fractionated coconut oil. 

My body felt the 1000 mg Provida Daily Drops about 15 minutes after taking a full dropper.  I finished up a long work week and was feeling extremely anxious because I was hungry, had a couple more emails to do, and wanted to start my weekend. I started feeling relaxed in my body and strangely, my eyes felt relaxed. I was only able to tell because lights looked brighter due to my pupil’s dilating more.  I know that sounds strange, but some of the full spectrum hemp oils have a cannabinoid spectrum that helps the brain relax. After this, I got a calm energy and I was able to finish up the emails.  This formula last for 5-6 hours.  Whatever I needed to do, I had the extra energy and calmness to get it done. 

As for inflammation, my right shoulder and elbow have pain from using the computer to much, early carpal tunnel signs. Sometimes it feels like there is a small animal trapped in my arm, gnawing trying to get out.  I tested this product to see if it might help with this. I took 1 full dropper before bed and my arm stiffness and shoulder soreness felt 50% better. Not bad, the next night, I tried 2 dropper full and I got the pain down to 20%.  This formula is an “all around” nice formula.  It’s really good at relieving anxiety. The natural vanilla flavoring gave us the idea to add it to morning coffee or a smoothie.  I added it to a black coffee, and it was a delightful “BulletProof” styled coffee. And my personal favorite, I added it to a cappuccino.  This was a good discovery. The fractionated coconut oil helps this formula blend in with drinks or smoothies. I think a 1/2 dropper to a full dropper is a good dose.  I don’t think you need to take this formula daily if you move a lot and have a great diet.  Maybe every other day. If you’re treating something more serious, then this is a good choice for a daily formula.  I think they have a really clean organic product and their labeling is honest.

1/2 dropper of the Provida Daily Drops 1000 mg Tincture is 16.6 mg of full spectrum hemp oil.

1 full dropper is 33.2 mg of full spectrum hemp oil.