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Provida Daily Capsules 1500 mg Review

Provida Daily Capsules 1500 mg Review

  • 1 gel capsule is 50 mg.  30 capsules per bottle. 1500 mg of CBD per bottle

  • Ingredients: full spectrum hemp oil, hempseed oil

  • Effects: helps with stress and anxiety, focusing, inflammation, sleep aid

  • Extract type: CO2 Extraction

Provida Daily Capsules 1500 mg Review 

Provida Health Daily Capsules 1500 mgThis is a smart product and it fills in the need for higher strength gel capsules for people who take hemp extracts and CBD daily.  This 50 mg gel capsule is made for people who need help with inflammation, anxiety, sleep, and those of us who need a higher strength single serving.

One gel capsule contains 50 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract.   There are 30 gel capsules in a bottle, totaling 1500 mg of CBD per bottle from organic full spectrum hemp extract.

The capsules are made with hemp seed oil, full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoids.  The other ingredients to make the gel capsule are gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.

Our 40-something reviewers who do a lot of physical labor and working-out really like this capsule. One gel capsule helps with a sore body after a long day of work.  Two gel capsules contain 100 mg of CBD and are really good for sleep and extreme inflammation from higher amounts of wear and tear on your body.  

One of our reviewers, whose in his 40’s, was helping his brother move offices and was extremely sore after 5-6 hours of moving boxes and furniture.  He took 2 gel capsules before going to bed, expecting to be sore in the morning.  He woke up with very little soreness.  The following day, he took 1 gel capsule to help with the remaining soreness in his lower back.

Our above 65 reviewers opted-out of testing the 50 mg gel capsules because they knew it would be too strong for them.  Our older reviewers  really appreciate Provida’s consistency and product formulation because they’ve tried products that simply don’t work and they can feel it in their sore bodies when a product doesn’t work.  The older reviewers have chosen Provida Health as their favorite brand.  

Due to their opinion, we think anyone over 65, whose thinking about trying CBD, needs to start with Provida Health’s products due to their consistency and quality.  20-30 mg of Provida Health’s organic full spectrum hemp extract with CBD is the perfect amount for our older reviewer’s.  One of the older reviewers is really sensitive and prefers Provida’s THC- Free products because she can feel the deeper effects of Provida’s full spectrum hemp extract products a little too much.  The other older reviewer is a male and he prefers Provida’s full spectrum hemp extract products because he likes the deeper effects of inflammation because he’s trying to avoid knee surgery by losing weight, adjusting his diet, and adding turmeric, fish oil, and hemp extract supplements to his daily routine.

Another reviewer who tried the 50 mg gel capsules is a mid-40’s, single mom raising her son with the help of her mother.  At times, their house can be full of stress and it’s hard to turn down the stress levels.  The single mom started taking the 50 mg gel capsules, twice a day.  One in the morning and one at night to take the edge off.  After 5 days she noticed it, starting to work.  She said, “Taking them twice a day turns the volume down on my stress levels and I’m not triggered by the stress. It helps the stress wash away.” She went on to say, “I feel like they helped me not want to be in bed the whole day with cramps.” 

Thank you Provida Health for making this product.  Our reviewers like the 50 mg gel capsules and know it can be a helpful tool for anxiety, inflammation, stress, and sleep.  This is a versatile and powerful option for your supplement and wellness routine.



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