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Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews 750 mg Review

Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews 750 mg Review

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  • 1 gel capsule is 50 mg.  30 capsules per bottle. 1500 mg of CBD per bottle

  • Ingredients: organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic pear juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, malic acid, natural flavors, natural colors(black carrot, turmeric), hemp CBD oil

  • Effects: helps with stress and anxiety, focusing, inflammation, energy

  • Extract type: CO2 Extraction

Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews 750 mg Review

Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews are a good addition to their well-crafted product line.  We have been following the growth of this company over the years and are really impressed with their quality and consistency across all their products.  

The Provida 25 mg fruit chews are a good way to incorporate hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD into your daily routine if you don’t like the flavor of hemp extract tinctures.

Provida uses organic full spectrum hemp extract in these fruit chews.  There is subtle piney aftertaste of the hemp extract with these fruit chews, nothing too strong.  

Our reviewers liked the aftertaste because sometimes you try fruit chews with full spectrum hemp extract and there is no aftertaste of hemp extract.  This usually means the product is using low quality hemp extracts or very little hemp extract. 

Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews pass this test with flying colors. This is important because the subtle piney, evergreen aftertaste means high quality full spectrum hemp extract is in the product. 

Full spectrum hemp extracts can have deeper penetrating benefits because it’s a whole plant extract with extra terpenes and cannabinoids on top of the CBD.  

Each 25 mg fruit chew has 25 mg of CBD. There are 30 fruit chews in a bottle for a total of 750 mg of CBD.  

Provida has posted all of the lab tests for each batch and you can find it by scanning the QR code on the bottle.  The batch number is printed on the bottom of each bottle of Provida fruit chews.  

When considering any hemp extract and CBD product, make sure to look at the lab tests of the product to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.  

We like Provida because they pay attention to quality and consistency of effects.  Due to their attention to detail and  quality products, we think they’re one of the top brands for serious hemp and CBD consumers.  

I took one fruit chew on an empty stomach around noon to see how it would absorb.  20 minutes later, I started to get a focused feeling and my morning anxiousness transformed into action and getting my “to do list” done.  

Wow, as I sit back, I am really impressed at how my morning anxiety  was flipped off like a light switch.  Usually, I sit around and stress myself out over what needs to be done during the day, but it seems that one of Provida 25 mg Fruit Chew 750 mg is the perfect amount to relax into a “flow state” to get stuff done.  

As a 40-something male with a normal metabolism, I am impressed with the anxiety relief and the focus of one fruit chew.  This focused state lasted for 5-6 hours.  It was like a soft breeze blowing me in the direction of getting my computer work done.  The next day, I took one and cleaned the house.

Provida 25 mg Fruit Chews 750 mg are good for stress relief, focusing, getting work done, and help with inflammation.  These fruit chews are a tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD from organic full spectrum hemp extract.

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