Tortus Mtn

Mountain Mud Sunscreen

  • Reef safe and Earth safe mineral sunscreen
  • “Skinfood with and SPF35”
  • Natural ingredients formulated to moisturize and protect your skin from UVB & UVBA sun light
  • Unscented and Lavender
  • 2 sizes available: 1 ounce tin with 100 mg of CBD, 2. 5 ounce tin with 250 mg of CBD
  • THC Free
  • Price Range: $-$$
  • Coupon Code “tortusmud” for free shipping

Mountain Mud Sunscreen with CBD offers broad spectrum sun protection with a SPF 35 using a natural for of zinc oxide as the active ingredient. We use certified organic plant based ingredients to provide luxury protection for your skin.

Mountain Mud is a water resistant sunscreen based on an FDA compliant recipe, the natural mineral sunscreen formula provides beneficial antioxidants while moisturizing your skin. The best sun protection is to limit your exposure and cover your skin. Mountain Mud Sunscreen is called, “skinfood with an SPF.” 

The natural ingredients help to feed the skins health, while protecting your skin from the sun.  Mountain Mud Sunscreen is a THC free product. Mountain Mud comes in two sizes. 1 ounce tin with 100 mg of CBD. 2.5 ounce tin with 250 mg of CBD.

Ingredients: cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, raw shea butter, non nano zinc oxide, carrot seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, essential oils

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