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Bluebird Botanicals Classic Tincture 500 mg

  • 250 mg CBD per fluid ounce. Hemp CBD oil extract & organic hemp seed o
  • 4.2 mg of CBD per serving
  • Ingredients: full spectrum hemp extract, organic hemp seed oil
  • Available sizes: 0.33 fl. oz. (83 mg of CBD), 1 fl. oz. (250 mg of CBD), 2 fl. oz. (500 mg of CBD), 4 fl. oz. (1000 mg of CBD), 8 fl. oz. (2000 mg of CBD)
  • Price Range $-$$$

Bluebird Botanicals Classic Tincture 500 mg is a combination of full spectrum hemp extract with cold-pressed organic virgin hemp seed oil grown in Canada. This hemp seed oil is also from an industrial hemp variety of Cannabis sativa which doesn’t require herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Hemp oil is very nutritious with an ideal profile of omega 3 and 6, but the main purpose for it being in our blend is to have a base oil to emulsify the hemp extract into.

Our mission at Bluebird Botanicals is to make a happy and healthy lifestyle radically accessible to all. We live this mission through our values of transparency, reliability, compassion, generosity, and altruism. We pour our heart and soul into every single batch of product that leaves our facility. What this means is that every bottle of Hemp Classic that shows up at your door is the highest quality CBD oil you can get. We even put all of our sustainably sourced ingredients, such as our full-spectrum hemp extract and organic virgin hemp seed oil, through extensive third-party testing because we care about our customers so much that we never take any risks when it comes to quality and safety.

Bluebird Botanicals’ full spectrum hemp extract contain over 100 different phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, and CBN, among many others.

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