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Ananda Hemp Gel Capsules, 15 mg each, THC Free

  • 450 mg of CBD per bottle
  • 30 softgels per bottle
  • 15 mg of CBD per softgel
  • Broad Spectrum of cannabinoids, THC-free
  • Consciously grown, handled and packaged in Kentucky, U.S.A.
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified glyphosate-free
  • Price Range: $-$$

Ananda Hemp Gel Capsules, 15 mg each, THC Free, is the same great formulation as our THC-free hemp extract CBD oil in a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule. Each softgel is an exact dose of 15 mg of CBD so it takes the guessing out of the equation. Our Spectrum Softgels are ideal for those who may have sensitivities to THC or those who just prefer no THC. Our products contain so much more than just CBD, including a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids and other phytonutrients. We use limited, plant-based ingredients with no additives, fillers or preservatives. Our products are free from pesticides and herbicides. We utilize third-party testing at every stage of production – from seed to shelf. You can feel confident knowing you are purchasing the highest quality product on the market.

DOSING RECOMMENDATIONS: Dosage varies greatly for each individual. It is necessary to find the dosage that is right for you. We suggest starting with one softgel in the evening, preferably with food. Monitor how you feel for a day or two at this dose. If you feel you need more, from here you can slowly increase until you reach your desired result. Softgels can be taken in the morning or evening, or both.

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