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Ozuké HempChi – KimChi with Hemp Flakes

  • No CBD is in the food product, just yummy hemp leaves for culinary excellence

  • Ingredients: organic napa cabbage, organic onion, organic ginger, organic garlic, organic hemp leaves, and Korean chile powder

  • Effects: healthy, no CBD, just hemp leaves used as food, yummy, spicy and earthy flavors

Ozuké HempChi – KimChi with Hemp Flakes Review

The Ozuké HempChi is tasty and made my body smile.  We don’t know if this product is out yet, as we got a sample of it as the product was being developed.  All of the ingredients in this product are organic.  I’ve been a fan of this company for many years, one might say, “I’m a fan boy” of real food that heals your body and micro-biome. 

Not all foods made with hemp are equal.  This product uses the flavor profile of the hemp leaf to enhance the flavor and fermentation of traditional kimchi.  This product is medicinal because of it’s history in Asian cultures, not because of the hemp inside of it. I’m 100% a “fan boy” of this product because of it’s flavor, fermented goodness, and because it’s real food for real humans.

The napa cabbage is delicious and the hemp leaves are added as dried leaf flakes throughout the mixture.  The after taste has a deep earthy flavor with Korean chili powder goodness.  It’s not spicy, as much as a mild spice with deep chili flavors hiding in the onion, ginger, garlic, and cabbage.

Cabbage helps digestion and detoxifies the body.  It cleans the intestines and helps the body assimilate nutrients.

Kimchi is low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C. It’s rich in essential amino acids and minerals like iron, calcium, and selenium. It also has powerful antioxidants and provides the additional benefit of probiotics. It contains other beneficial compounds like capsaicin, chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonoids, and isothiocyanate.

This product is a great way to keep good fermented foods in your daily and weekly diet.  I found myself wandering to the fridge late at night to eat a couple of quick bites of HempChi.  I ate it with a bagel in the morning it, strangely, I think the kimchi goodness helped digest the gluten easier.  Maybe this is true, maybe it’s not.  More likely, the extra bacteria in the kimchi helped increase my digestion.

There is a special treat at the bottom of the jar.  So don’t throw it away just yet.  There are smaller chunks of garlic and ginger hiding.  If you take a fork and go through the “yummy” left over chili cabbage juice, you can get a couple of good forkfuls of ginger and garlic.  This was a yummy surprise at the end of the HempChi jar.