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Odessa’s Pet CBD Tincture 600 mg

  • 1 drop is 1.33 mg of CBD.  450 drops in each bottle. Small dogs up to 25 lbs, 1-5 drops. (4-30 mg)   Medium sized dogs between 25 lb.-65 lb., 3-10 drops. (10-65 mg) Large dogs over 75 lbs, 5-12 drops. (20-80 mg). Varies according to the dog’s size.  Maximum dose can cause sleepiness.

  • Ingredients: hemp seed oil, CO2 hemp extract

  • Effects: anti-inflammation, pain relief, anti-anxiety, promotes joint health

  • Extract type: CO2 extraction, full spectrum

Odessa’s Pet CBD Tincture 600 mg Review

It is a little difficult to experience something through your dog, but when they are happy and feeling well you notice the difference. So i have been giving my dog some hemp extracts and have had various results. My dog deals with separation anxiety and some pain in her back legs from an accident with a car when she was young.

Odessa’s Pet CBD tinctures is a really great formula. I like that they use hemp seed oil as their carrier oil. This provides dogs with omega acids, which improve their coat and helps lubricate joints for aging dogs.

Odessa’s Pet CBD tinctures is pretty strong for a pet product, 600mg of active CBD.  This potent formula is a nice supplement for dogs who are aging or recovering from injury.

While giving my dog Odessa’s formula I could tell she was less anxious. This is great, when you are trying to stay busy, but not stress your dog’s anxiety levels. She really likes taking this supplement when I have this formula in my hand she starts wagging her tail and sitting down in front of me!  I think that’s a good sign.

My neighbor has been giving Odessa’s to his 14 year old lab mix and has seen huge improvements in mobility and mood. I even noticed his dog is much more active than she is not taking the formula.  

Odessa’s website is helpful and their FAQ’s page is a great place to find factual information on how CBD and hemp products affects animals.  I really like how clearly this product is labeled, which helps to figure out my favorite friend’s perfect dosage level for “dog happiness.”