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NuLeaf Naturals 725 mg Tincture

  • 1 drop is 2.4 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract. 1/2 dropper is 10 drops is 24 mg of CBD.  1 dropper is 50 mg CBD.

  • Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil and hemp extract

  • Effects: uplifting, motivating, energizing, focusing

  • Extract type: CO2 extraction

NuLeaf Naturals 725 mg Tincture Review

The NuLeaf Naturals 725 mg tincture is made with hemp seed oil and CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp extract.  The hemp extract is organic.  NuLeaf uses a sub-critical and super-critical extraction technique to preserve more terpenes and cannabinoids in the final extract.

The tinctures is unflavored.  It taste grassy and earthy. I prefer unflavored to flavored tinctures because it’s more natural.  

I took one full dropper on a full stomach with a cup of coffee.  Normally, I don’t take over 20 mg for the first time trying a new full spectrum hemp extract product, but the week was long and I had a lot of shoulder, back, and neck pain.  I was hoping 50 mg would help reset my tired body and motivate me to keep working and calm through the weekend.

The effects of the NuLeaf Naturals 725 mg tincture started in 30 minutes and they were extremely focusing.  It was like a lightening bolt of focus hit the table I was working at in the coffee shop.  Even though there the cafe was full, it didn’t distract me. There was a sphere of focus around me and all it wanted to do was “get stuff done, listen to music, and flow with the day.”  I got so focused, I forgot to eat, and then I ate, and realized my metabolism has speed up. Taking hemp extracts over time might increase your metabolism, or maybe you become more active and burn more calories.  Both are possible. A day after, my muscles and body felt relaxed and I felt calmer all around.

The label is non-assuming and simple, but the effects are definitive and announce themselves with clear energy, motivation, and a calm mind.  This is a good, natural, and effective formula.