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Functional Remedies Clarify 500 mg Reserve (Functional Remedies 500 mg Hemp Oil)

  • 1 full dropper is 12.5 mg of CBD from full spectrum extract

  • Ingredients: mct oil, full spectrum hemp extract.

  • Effects: anti-Inflammation, pain, relaxing feeling, anti-anxiety

  • Extract type: lipid extraction (uses fats to extract active ingredient from the hemp plant)

Functional Remedies Clarify 500 mg Reserve (Functional Remedies 500 mg Hemp Oil) Review

Functional Remedies 500 mg Reserve tincture is a good starting point for people just starting to use hemp extract products.  The packaging of this product has changed and Functional Remedies has removed the “Reserve” from the name.  The product is the same formula, but they’re offering it in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1,000 mg strengths.  The name of this product is now, Functional Remedies Hemp Oil.

This is a well balanced formula that delivers an even experience of relaxation and mild pain relief.  This is a good daily formula for folks who work in mainstream society. The bottle is extremely undercover with subtle branding and wording as a full spectrum hemp product with CBD.

You can feel this formula.  It’s effects are present and nice and even.  It’s a good formula for people just starting out with hemp oil, who want to feel the effects, but who don’t want to feel heavy sedation or euphoric relaxation.  The natural flavor is good. It’s not too earthy or grassy, and is easily chased away with coffee or juice.

This formula provides an energetic, clear headed, relaxed form of energy.  

The base of this formula is an extraction process that uses a fat (we think they use MCT oil) to slowly bring out the terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients to produce a super high grade full spectrum hemp oil.

The MCT coconut gives an added delivery system, helping the formula cross the blood brain barrier quicker than other brands.