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The most commonly asked questions about hemp and CBD products

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FAQs About Tortus Mtn


What Is

Tortus Mountain (Tortus Mtn) is a consumer-based review website for hemp & CBD products. The hemp & CBD industry is creating new products everyday. For someone to try all these products would be very time consuming and expensive. That is why we are here to help!
The goal of Tortus Mtn is to help people discover the beneficial effects of hemp & CBD products. We use factual, consumer experience-based information about the “effects and benefits” of each product. We also strive to educate consumers about the hemp & CBD industry overall and independently sort through the abundance of good and bad hemp & CBD products.


What Is Our Product Review Process?

We give the product to multiple reviewers with varying conditions from anxiety to arthritis and see how it works. Based on their experience we decide if we should review the product and what information to include.
For products we really like we create a simple video review to summarize the written review. The written reviews contain the most information, while the video reviews are highlights from the written reviews.


What Is the Tortus Mtn Mission?

Our goal is to help consumers find the best hemp & CBD products to meet their health and wellness goals.
We review each hemp & CBD product individually to discover: if the product works, how it works, why it works, how it can work better, and the best use for the product.


How To Use Tortus Mtn?

We designed the Tortus Mtn website as a tool to help educate people interested in using hemp based products with or without CBD.
The website intention is to give you a research tool to learn about various hemp & CBD products and why they work. We give you honest feedback on what various reviewers felt when they tried the product for 2 to 4 weeks. We are not trying to “sales pitch” you the products in the reviews. We are simply trying to educate you about how the product worked for our reviewers. If a product does not work well, we do not post a video review on our website.
If you are already a hemp and/or CBD consumer, the website is a way for you to find other reliable brands and compare them to your favorites. Hopefully, you can find a great product at an affordable price by using Tortus Mtn.
We started partnering with reliable high quality brands to create the Tortus Mtn Shop. You can shop our trusted brands, and then use our coupon codes to buy your products from the brands directly.

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How To Request A Tortus Mtn Review?​

The goal of each review is to educate people about hemp & CBD and how it works. The goal is not to sell the product.
Each product represents an educational journey. For example, some products are THC free, which are great options for teachers, lawyers, police officers, active military, and professional athletes who would like the benefits of CBD, but do not want to get into hot water at work. Other CBD products might have full spectrum hemp extract in them, and we talk about the unique benefit of full spectrum hemp extracts and how they work. In order to choose the right product, you need an honest opinion about the product from reviewers who have tried a lot of hemp products.
If you are a company and you would like Tortus Mtn to consider your products for review, please Request Review Here. Please include “Products for Review", company name, phone and email for the best person for us to contact.


How To Order Products?

It is easy to find a product and buy it using Tortus Mtn Shop.
First, you can find the product you like in the review section or the shop, click the buy link or use the coupon code. You will be redirected to the brand website and you can complete your purchases on the brand website.
We do not deal with payment information. We educate consumers and guide them to the right products to meet their needs.