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Evo HempX 250 mg Tincture

  • 1 full dropper is 6.25 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract

  • Ingredients: CO2 extracted hemp extract, hemp seed oil

  • Effects: slow time release effect, calming, relaxing, energizing

  • Extract type: CO2 extraction

Evo HempX 250 mg Tincture Review

The Evo HempX 250 mg hemp extract is a good place to start if you’re new to the benefits, taste, or effects of hemp extracts.  The bottles are well priced for consumers.

The Evo HempX 250 mg tincture is made with a terpene-rich CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil mixed with nutritional hemp seed oil.  The flavor is earthy and nutty with a light aftertaste of pine and cherry, almost like an olive oil. The flavor is minimal, which is a nice surprise for this 250 mg tincture.  Even though I prefer the higher milligram tinctures, I’m starting to enjoy the flavor from the lower milligram formulas, and it’s easier to get a 2 mg-7 mg dose with the lower milligram formulas.  

When I first started taking hemp tinctures, I preferred 15 mg -20 mg. As I’ve continued to take them I actually prefer a smaller daily dose.  I really like the 5 mg-10 mg dosage levels. If the product has high quality ingredients, you can feel the relaxation and calming effects at lower milligram levels.

I took two full droppers, about 12 mg, with a cup of coffee.  The formula has time release effects that start about 30 minutes after taking it.  I felt calm and focused on this formula for 6-8 hours. I liked the time release effects of the calming focus.

The Evo HempX 250 is a good daytime formula to get stuff done and stay motivated throughout the obstacles of the day.  The calm energy feels like a light breeze that feeds your actions and balanced mind. I thought I’d need a lot more to feel the effects, but 12 mg was the perfect amount.

The next day, I took one dropper full, about 6 mg.  I didn’t think I’d feel it, but I did. Strangely, I liked the 6 mg feeling more than the 12 mg.  The effects of 6 mg were motivating, focusing, inspiring, and lasted about 5-6 hours. This was a pleasant surprise.

Hemp seed oil is nutritious and the body absorbs it a little slower which gives the Evo HempX formula the nice time release effect.  I think folks who work in professional atmospheres will like the time release effect as well as nutrition-focused people who like the effects of adaptogens.  This formula feels like taking a nice adaptogen with the added bonus of terpenes.

Taking the formula over a couple days, I noticed the anti-inflammation benefits of the terpene-rich full spectrum CO2 extract.  

The Evo HempX formula has terpenes in it which help deliver the calm, grounding relaxation.  There are over 200 terpenes in the hemp plant. 60 of the most common hemp terpenes are being studied for health benefits such as appetite suppression, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, muscle cramps, insomnia, anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety, bronchial dilation, and anti-fungal.  The Evo HempX formula has a naturally occurring blend of 20 terpenes.

This is a good daily formula for folks who are sensitive to hemp oil and need a micro-dose of 5 mg.  This is also a good product to start with learn how hemp oil affects your body and mind. The price is reasonable enough to try it and see if you feel any benefit before you explore the ocean of full spectrum hemp extract options.

The Evo HempX products were created in partnership with Alex WhitePlume of the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux to help develop and grow the Lakota hemp industry.