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Botana Spagyric Tincture 125 mg

  • 1 full dropper is 4.375 mg of total cannabinoids (2.25 of CBDA, 1.95 mg of CBD, CBD is .075 mg)

  • Ingredients: organic hemp spagyric extract, organic grape alcohol, filtered rocky mountain water, beta-caryophyllene

  • Effects: good for inflammation, relaxing, calming, and energizing

  • Extract type: spagyric extraction, full spectrum

Botana Spagyric Tincture 125 mg Review

This formula has a “living” variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD-A, CBD, and CBG. This tincture gives you a low dosage level for a clear-headed, focused daytime energy.  It’s a good fit for people new to CBD-rich hemp extracts and looking for a low dosage level formula that reduces inflammation and pain.  The CBD to CBDA ratio is almost 1:1, which guarantees that you’ll get pain relief and anxiety relief from this formula.  Some hemp product just have CBD in it, but the Botana Spagyric formulas have CBD and CBDA in them, which increases the healing benefits. (inflammation, anxiety-relief, nausea, pain relief, arthritis, blood circulation, degenerative diseases)

The spagyric process preserves all of the plant minerals, terpenes, cannabinoids, and essences to yield the fullest spectrum extract of all.  By extracting and recombining all of the essences found in the hemp plant, you maximize the entourage effect on the body.  The entourage effect is the synergistic effect of all the components in the plant to deliver the the most healing benefits through the combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, chlorophyll, terpenes and minerals found in the plant.

The spagyric extraction technique is thousands of years old and is the foundation for many pharmaceutical medicines today.  The tincture is extracted from the plant matter by soaking it in alcohol. Then the plant material is burned and bubbled in a water column, filtering out the minerals and salts in the ash, which are then re-combined into the extracted alcohol tincture. By incorporating the terpene and cannabinoid rich alcohol extract with the minerals and salt of the plant, Botana’s formula maximizes the entourage effect by preserving all the “living essences” of the plant.

The spagyric process is also an ancient alchemy technique, which makes Botana’s formulas, simply magical.

The CBG ratio in this tincture makes it a nice addition to anyone’s CBD regiment. The CBG can be especially helpful for people with glaucoma or someone who works on computers for more than 25 hours a week. 

There is some residual grape alcohol left in this tincture; this can give the tincture a slightly grape taste when you swish it around the mouth.  It reminds me of drinking pisco, a grape brandy made in the Andes.  It almost taste like a Pisco Sour, a fine Peruvian cocktail.  I used to drink Pisco and Sprite, and the flavor of the grape alcohol gave me the flavor flashback.   The grape alcohol and well-preserved terpenes helps this formula cross the blood brain barrier quicker to deliver the healing effects.

Because the “living essences” of the plant are preserved, this formula has, beta-carophyllene, which stimulates the endocannabinoid system to balance and heal the body.  Studies have shown it increases metabolism, reduces inflammation in body and brain, and reduces pain.

This formula is good for inflammation, pain reduction, and relieving the chaotic energy of a busy day.  This formula is good for the working professional who want to get the calming, relaxing, anti-inflammation, and energizing effects of a spagryic extracted hemp tincture.