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Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic Tincture

  • 1 full dropper is about 5 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract

  • Ingredients: full spectrum hemp extract, organic virgin hemp seed oil

  • Effects: anti-Inflammation, relaxation, anti-anxiety, calming, improved mood

  • Extract type: food grade ethanol

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic Tincture Review

The smell and taste of the Classic are not my favorite, it is quite bitter tasting really, but there are benefits for this formula. The gel capsules are an alternative to avoid the flavor. Again you can always use a chaser of coffee or tea to off-set flavor issues. Bluebird recommends using apple sauce or honey to mix with the oil and improve flavor.

There is very little feeling in my head from taking the Classic.  It’s clear headed. Someone on the go looking for a product that will give you a completely clear head; will like the Bluebird Botanicals Classic tinctures. With this product I did feel that my joints were working better and it could be used to help with joint discomfort that results from heavy physical exercise or aging.  My joints and muscles felt better within 24 hours of taking it.

I really like the transparency of BlueBird Botanicals. As a consumer I appreciate that I can check batch #s on their website and read testing reports. They get props for using Colorado hemp to make their products. They also offer assistance to veterans and low-income customers.