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Bluebird Botanicals Complete Tincture

  • 1 full dropper is 5 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extracts

  • Ingredients: hemp extract, steam-distilled terpenes, organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Effects: anti-inflammation, stimulation, anti-anxiety, euphoria, improved mood

  • Extract type: food grade ethanol/ steam/ water (this formula uses multiple types of extractions to achieve a quality formula)

Bluebird Botanicals Complete Tincture Review

I really enjoyed this product the most out of Bluebird’s line of products. I felt that it was the best tasting, slightly bitter, but has a wonderful lime after-taste.  I really like the effects of this formula. This is a really special product and a great addition to anyone’s hemp oil collection.

The effects were delivered very quickly in about 15 minutes. There is definitive and clear mood improvement associated with the Complete tincture.  I felt uplifted and very alert, even after a long day.

The Bluebird Complete Formula is a powerful and effective product that helps to recharge after a busy day.  I took it after a busy day and then I felt good enough to go out and be social. This formula relieves anxiety and depression.  It uplifts the mind and makes you talkative. This formula is good for going out to a coffee house, bar, or entertainment venue. It’ll help you relax and be social, helping to enjoy the moment.

I think the terpenes could be behind the quick delivery of cannabinoids, and the overall “recharging” effects on the body and mind that accompanies the Bluebird Hemp Complete tinctures .

This product should probably be taken during the daytime and for those who are not morning people, this could be a great way to start the day! I would not recommend to take before bedtime, I felt there was some stimulation to my senses and could possibly delay sleepiness.  Now if you’re going out for the night and need a little boost of energy to be social and fun, then this formula is a perfect fit. The other Bluebird formulas are better for clear functioning and sleep. The Bluebird Complete tinctures is good to help you enjoy the night or the day with energy and joy.

I really like the transparency of BlueBird Botanicals. As a consumer I appreciate that I can check batch #’s on their website and read testing reports. They get props for using Colorado hemp to make their products. They offer assistance to veterans and low-income customers, showing their integrity and focus on healing.