Tortus Mtn

About Us

Who We Are

The founders of Tortus Mtn are passionate about hemp & CBD education to help consumers find the most effective hemp product for their body and lifestyle.  One of the founders is a hemp farmer, one is a filmmaker, and the other two are technology professionals.

Our Mission

Discover hemp & CBD products that work and review them for consumers to learn about the benefits of hemp.
And if we really like the brand, then we add their products to the Tortus Mtn Shop so consumers have a trusted place to find hemp & CBD products.

What We Do

At the core, we test out hemp & CBD products, write reviews, and turn them into video reviews.  After we tried over 100 products, we decided to make a shop for all the “Tortus Mtn Approved” products.  And then we started expanding further into Media services.

Our History

Tortus Mtn started by reviewing as many hemp & CBD products as possible to create video and written reviews to help educate consumers about hemp products and why they work. 

The more we have gone through the review process, the more we realized there is a wide range of quality, effectiveness and priced products. Throughout the process, we found hemp & CBD products that work in all price ranges. And Tortus Mtn was born, the first consumer-experience based review site for hemp & CBD products in the world.

Quickly, the founders realized there was another problem with the hemp & CBD industry.  The companies creating hemp & CBD products needed help educating consumers through information that tells the story of how and why hemp & CBD products can work.

Today, Tortus Mtn has evolved into a review website with a store to directly connect consumers and companies through hemp & CBD education.  Tortus Mtn is the first review site with video reviews based on real customer feedback of the actual product.  The Tortus Mtn mission is to educate consumers, buyers, companies, and anyone who loves hemp & CBD products with real information from real experiences of real hemp & CBD consumers.

Over the years, Tortus Mtn has been hired by companies and event productions alike for PR campaigns targeting Business-2-Business and Direct-2-Consumer media outlets, reviews of products, social media management, content production (videos, Amazon Prime series, Podcast, Blogs, Infographics) and distribution.


Every hemp & CBD product is made by a different company and  has different formulas and quality standards.  Generally, organic hemp & CBD products are the best for any consumers.

Our reviews come from people with a range of ages and body types in order to accurately portray the experience and effects of the hemp & CBD product being reviewed.

On the Tortus Mtn Shop, we only add brands that we have reviewed and brands that we can establish a long term relationship. 

There are a lot of “fly-by-night” hemp & CBD companies and we try to stay away from companies like this.  We have tried “bunk” (non-effective) hemp products and our goal is to discover products that work. 

If we have reviewed the product, you will get honest information that will help consumers determine its effectiveness.

Tortus Mtn provides a coupon code for a discount on trusted brands.

Years of hemp & CBD industry prohibition made way for a  “new industry” producing new products.

Generations of hemp knowledge were lost through prohibition. We want people to be able to navigate the new products available and how hemp & CBD can improve quality of their life and health.

There are many differences between hemp & CBD products.  The biggest ones are extraction types, carrier oils, additives and the degree of organic formulation.

Generally, buy the most natural and organic formula that works for your budget.  Just because it is more expensive, it does not means it is better.

What we have found while doing reviews, there are a number of shady products on the market.

The most important thing is to know the products are reliable, traceable, good quality and do work.

We hope to help you discover the hemp or CBD product that works for you.